Paw Inspired® Washable Pee Pads


• Durable, machine-washable fabric
• Waterproof bottom with premium silicone anti-slip backing to prevent leaks
• Absorbent material with leakproof border that locks in moisture, controls odors, and keeps your pet’s paws dry to prevent paw tracking
• Cost-effective and eco-friendly alternative to disposable puppy pee pads

Paw Inspired Washable Pee Pads help keep your home and surfaces clean while making sure your pet stays dry and comfortable. They are easy to fold up and bring with you wherever you might need them, making them the perfect option not only for your home but also for car rides and travel. The waterproof, non-slip backing ensures the pad will stay right where you need it. When soiled, just throw them in the wash. For an environmentally-friendly option that can save you thousands of dollars over disposables, give these reusable dogs pads a try.

Many Uses:

  • Couch, Furniture, or Bed Protection
  • Travel in Cars and Other Vehicles
  • Crate/Kennel Mats or Liners
  • Dog Food and Water Bowl Mats
  • Whelping Pads
  • Puppy Training Pads or Pee Pads
  • Litter Box Mat
  • 18”x24” Crate Series
    • Perfect for small dogs
    • Fits seamlessly in 24-inch crates
    • Can also be used for all sized dogs as dog food mats, placemats, trays, and kennel liners

  • 18" x 29" Crate Series pads fit perfectly in 30-inch crates

  • 22" x 35" Crate Series pads fit perfectly in 36-inch crates

  • 28" x 41" Crate Series pads fit perfectly in 42-inch crates

  • 29" x 47" Crate Series pads fit perfectly in 48-inch crates

  • 30” x 32”
    • Extra large mat
    • More than double the surface area of our standard 21”x21” square pad with various uses

  • 41” x 41”
    • 2XL 
    • More than 3x larger than the surface area of our standard 21”x21” square pad with various uses

  • 48” x 60”
    • 3XL 
    • More than 6x larger than the surface area of our standard 21”x21” square pad with various uses

  • 72" x 72"
    • 4XL
    • Excellent for protecting your bed and other large pieces of furniture

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Fantastic products

I absolutely live these pads for my fifteen year old senior furbaby. Truly a godsend for us to still give her the freedom of the house!

Great Pads

My brother has these. Noticed they were made in USA (huge thumbs up). My brother gave one to my roommate to use for her elderly wiener dogs. I purchased for my new pup who’ll join the family in May!

M Katherine Foster
Nice pads

Wish they would draw the dog to them.

Elaine Fogleman
Love them!

They are awesome! Guinea pigs are roaming around having fun zoom in. He goes straight down hey and poop are easy to clean up off the mats I couldn't ask for anything better and they're huge.

Brown reusable pad is a must!

I bought this pad on a whim awhile ago and am coming back for more.
After multiple washings, the liquid-resistant non-slip backing is he best I have found of all the reusable pads.
My aging dog seems to truly enjoy sleeping on it and she can even get herself up due to the way the backing grips the carpet and flooring.
The larger pad creates a wonderful cover area for travels in the van.
I am buying several different sizes now to create a walkway from her sleeping area to the hall door. sure would be convenient to have a "runner" size -- maybe something like 24" x 72" ?