Paw Inspired® Disposable Diaper Liners for Dog Diapers and Male Wraps


• Add these diaper liners to your washable dog diapers, male wraps, or covers to prevent leaks and save on washing
• Gathered, leakproof edges and waterproof backing prevent liquid from passing through
• Each liner absorbs more than 1 cup (8 oz or 237 ml) of liquid
• DrySpeed™ Technology instantly converts urine into gel so your pet stays comfy even after the booster pad is soiled
• Once soiled, just throw away and replace

Washable dog diapers alone are lacking the superior absorbency and leakproof, gathered edges of disposable dog diapers… but not anymore when you add Paw Inspired® Disposable Dog Diaper Liners! Not only do these liners dramatically improve absorbency, they also save on washing. The waterproof backing of the diaper liners will keep liquid from soiling your washable diaper or wrap and avoid the need for repetitive washing. Add the disposable convenience of Paw Inspired® Disposable Dog Diaper Liners to your washable dog diapers, belly bands, or covers for use in the home, travel, or in any other situation. Just peel off the sticker on the back of the diaper liner and use the convenient adhesive strip to secure the liner to your garment of choice. If you are looking for the most suitable diapers or male wraps to match, check out our Paw Inspired® Washable Dog Diapers or Male Wraps.