Paw Inspired® Crate Mats


• Crafted from a soft, velvety plush material to keep your pet comfy and cozy
• Featuring anti-slip design to keep you and your pet safe and secure
• Waterproof backing prevents moisture from seeping through, protecting your crate and floor
• Multi-layer design with a moisture-wicking top layer and absorbent core which helps control odors
• Machine-washable

Our Crate Mats are the perfect combination of comfort, convenience, and functionality for your furry friend. With various sizes and colors to choose from, these mats are the perfect addition to any crate or home. Made from a soft, velvety plush material, these pads add cushioning to your doggy cage or around your house so your dog can rest and relax in a comfy and cozy environment. When your pup is ready for a nap, this multi-layer mat makes a perfect dog bed. The leakproof backing means moisture is locked away, preventing liquids from seeping through to your floor or kennel, while the nonslip design keeps the mat securely in place, so your pet can move around without slipping or sliding.

Accidents happen, but our mats are super absorbent, quickly soaking up moisture from pee and messes to keep your pet dry and comfortable. When needed, simply toss the mat into the washing machine for quick and easy cleanup.

  • 17” x 23” Crate Mats fit perfectly in 24-inch crates
  • 18" x 29" Crate Mats fit perfectly in 30-inch crates
  • 22" x 35" Crate Mats fit perfectly in 36-inch crates
  • 28" x 41" Crate Mats fit perfectly in 42-inch crates
  • 29" x 47" Crate Mats fit perfectly in 48-inch crates

Customer Reviews

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Perfect fit

I have a Great Pyrenees MeiMei, who sleeps in her large crate at night but is constantly chewing her beds. The other mats never seem to fit right. I ordered this crate mat from Paw inspired was so happy when it arrived loved the color, softness and the no slip bottom. First impression loved it but the real test was my MeiMei. First night right away she loved it so soft, no slip, she even slept on her back, legs in the air very content. Thank you paw-inspired really love this product I would highly recommend these crate mats. Also want to mention she hasn’t even tried to chew on her mat she loves it