Paw Inspired® Bed and Furniture Protector

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• Use as a protective cover on your couch, sofa, bedspread, or other furniture
• Featuring a multi-layer leakproof design and waterproof core
• Lush velvet fleece fabric for a comfy, soft feel
• Odor control to keep your home smelling fresh and clean
• Sweep-EZ™ fur-resistant fleece for easy cleanup
• Machine-washable

Keep your bed and furniture fresh and clean without sacrificing snuggle time with your beloved pets! Use this protective micro-fleece blanket on your couch, sofa, or bed and enjoy all the cozy animal cuddles without any of the worry. Our furniture protector makes cleanup a breeze. Featuring our signature Sweep-EZ™ non-stick fleece, hair and fur can be swept off the surface, and the entire cover is machine-washable. This furniture protector is not only fur-resistant but is also leakproof. This velvet fleece coverlet uses a multi-layer design which includes a waterproof membrane to to prevent liquids from soaking through.

This quilted furniture protector is ideal for daily use and can even be used for special occasions. The reversible style and premium design means you don’t have to compromise style for comfort. With our luxuriously soft and equally stylish couch or bedspread cover, you can invite guests to your home without worrying about cleanup. Odor control keeps unpleasant smells from your furry friends locked away so your home stays fresh and clean.

Pet-proof your home with the Paw Inspired® Bed and Furniture Protector and see the Paw Inspired® difference today!

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H Radel

I love the furniture protector. It easy to tell where she had an accident & clean it up, so I don't have to wash it EVERY day :D