Paw Inspired® Washable C&C 2x1 Guinea Pig Cage Liners (2 Ct)


• 29”x16" size perfect for C&C 2x1 cage
• Comes in a pack of 2 for versatility and easy layering
• Super absorbent liner with 100% waterproof backing
• Great for use as your small animal’s pee pad
• Non-stick velvet fleece with Sweep-EZ™ technology

These Paw Inspired® Washable Cage Liners are super absorbent and fast drying. Liquid is wicked away from the surface to assure your guinea pig or other small animal stays dry and comfortable. Made with a dust-free velvet fleece, they not only bring comfort and coziness to your pet’s home but also make cleanup easier for you. The Sweep-EZ™ non-stick fleece makes this liner easy to spot clean and wash. Hay and other debris can easily be swept up or shaken out, and the waterproof bottom prevents leaking. These liners are machine-washable, so when ready to change, just throw the liner in the wash to clean it.

These liners are designed for the C&C 2x1 coroplast cage but they are extremely versatile. Layer them in your cage or playpen, or simply use them as a cuddle mat to prevent messes from sticking to your furniture or clothing. You can also use these liners in the Paw Inspired® Critter Box® to add color and make cleanup even more convenient.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Seriously Amazing

We're pretty versed in all different types of cage liners and these are the best by far! Everything sweeps off of them so easily, which means no more hay in my washing machine. They're super soft and well made, and our piggers love them. Totally worth every penny!

Jessica Hamilton

I got these in the color pink. I think these liners are amazing! I love the cute animal print backing (has guinea pigs, bunnies, and other small creatures on the back). I also love the velvet top! It’s so soft and my piggies love it! So far I haven’t noticed a smell like my other fleeces. I’ve very happy with this product!