Paw Inspired® Heavy Duty 24 Hour Protection Dog Pads with Adhesive Strips


• High capacity absorption holds well over your pet's daily urination amount
• Equipped with adhesive strips on all four corners to make sure your pads stay put
• Quilted material locks in moisture and controls odors while durable waterproof plastic bottom prevents leaks
• DrySpeed™ Technology instantly converts urine into gel which keeps the pee pad dry and prevents paw tracking
• Built-in puppy attractant helps pups recognize that this potty pad is the correct place to pee

These Paw Inspired® 24 Hour Protection Heavy Duty Dog Pads are made with premium absorbent materials to ensure long-lasting, leakproof protection. The high capacity absorption makes these pee pads ideal for larger breeds or multiple urinations throughout the day, in addition to older dogs or dogs with incontinence. With a built-in puppy attractant, these pads are also great for housebreaking.

Adhesive strips make these dog pads convenient and easy to use. And after the pad is soiled, your pup can stay comfy and dry due to the advanced DrySpeed™ Technology, which instantly converts urine into gel. With these highly absorbent pee pads, moisture is locked in, so odors and liquids don’t escape, and you can rest assured your pup will stay dry and comfy while your home stays clean. 

These pads come with many uses: 

  • Puppy Training & Housebreaking
  • Lining Kennels & Carriers
  • Incontinent or Senior Dogs
  • Dogs Home Alone
  • Car Trips or Travel
  • And More!