Paw Inspired® Critter Box® Reversible Cage Liner for Guinea Pigs and Other Small Animals


• NEW reversible style! Use the gray side or the color option you like best.
• New seamless design means 99% less exposed stitches to minimize chewing and fraying.
• Raised sides assure messes stay contained.
Sweep-EZ non-stick fleece is easy to clean and dust-free, providing a safe and comfortable environment for your small animal.
• Machine-washable: when ready to change, simply shake out the liner and throw it in the wash.

Paw Inspired® Critter Box® is simply the best cage liner habitat for your guinea pigs and other small animals! No more scrubbing dirty cage corners and bottoms. With the raised walls of the Critter Box®, your cage will stay 100% clean and protected. The barriered absorbent sides assure all messes stay contained on the washable cage liner itself. This leakproof liner is also super absorbent and equipped with Sweep-EZ™ nonstick fleece for simple and easy cage cleanup. It's also reversible, allowing you to choose a color that best fits your little buddy's habitat. The Critter Box® is not only useful for guinea pigs, but is also extremely useful for ferrets, rabbits, rats, bunnies, hamsters, dogs, hedgehogs, chinchillas, birds, and all other small animals. The Critter Box® liner fits perfectly in most top-selling guinea pig cages, small animal cages, and habitats. Try them now and see the Paw Inspired® difference.
Our cage liners are designed to fit C&C and MidWest cages but can be used for other cage types as well. Learn how to extend the Critter Box here.
  • C&C 2x3 size measures 27"x41" (69x104 cm)
  • C&C 2x4 size measures 27"x56" (69x142 cm)
  • C&C 2x5 size measures 27"x71" (69x180 cm)
  • MidWest* size measures 24"x47" (61x119 cm)

Check out our sizing chart below, and if you have any questions, please email us at

Critter Box and Cage Sizes


*This product is not manufactured or distributed by Mid-West Metal Products Company, Inc. owner of the registered trademark MidWest Homes for Pets®.

 How to Use the Critter Box Reversible Fleece Cage Liner:

How to Wash the Critter Box Fleece Cage Liner for Guinea Pigs, Ferrets, Rats, and Other Small Animals:

Customer Reviews

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Megan Holliday
Will be buying more!

My two piggies liked to burrow under their reusable pads, so I bought the critter box to use in conjunction with them. I couldn’t be happier! Cleanup is a breeze now and they can still burrow without pottying on the cage bottom. I bought two different sizes for the oxbow xl cage with play yard, and the Midwest size fits perfectly in the cage and the C&C 2x3 is almost perfect to cover the play yard floor (laid flat). If they made a flat pad that fit the play yard, I would have purchased that to save on the cost of the critter box for that space.