Paw Inspired® Bamboo Carbon Washable Guinea Pig Cage Liners

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• Super absorbent and fast-drying
• Natural bamboo carbon technology neutralizes odors
• Dust-free comfort fleece helps maintain a safe and healthy environment
• Machine washable for easy cleanup
• Versatile button system allows you to increase the size of the pad or create fun tunnels and hideys for your pet

Keep your small animal comfortable and safe with our Paw Inspired® Bamboo Carbon Washable Guinea Pig Cage Liners. They are moisture wicking, absorbent, and fast drying, so your pet can stay comfortable and dry. Made with dust-free comfort fleece, your pet will love the soft texture, so these liners are great for use as bedding. Bamboo charcoal helps keep odors at bay, and these liners are machine washable and easy to spot clean, making life easier for you. Place them in corners where your small animals like to pee and poop, under waterers or hideouts, to add extra reinforcement and absorbency.

Equipped with snap buttons, you can attach liners together to increase the size, or construct tunnels, hideouts, fun pockets, blankets, shelters, and more.

Available sizes are 12”x12”, 27”x15”, and 47”x24”. The 27”x15” pad is specially designed to fit the C&C 2x1 cage, but you can put pads together to fit C&C 2x2, C&C 2x3, C&C 2x4, C&C 2x5, or any size C&C coroplast cage. The 47”x24” pads are the perfect size to use in the MidWest* cage and can fit most top-selling 47"x24" guinea pigs and small animal cages.

*This product is not manufactured or distributed by Mid-West Metal Products Company, Inc. owner of the registered trademark MidWest Homes for Pets®.

Customer Reviews

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Candy Rubins
Love them ❤️

I will never use anything else.

K. C.
The best!

Low odor. Easy to clean and the snaps keep multiple liners in place. The gps love the pocket option.