How to Train Your Dog to Use a Puppy Pad

How to Train Your Dog to Use a Puppy Pad

A Guide to Using Pee Pads

Struggling to get your dog or puppy to go to the bathroom outside? If you're tired of cleaning up accidents, then here is a quick guide to walk you through how to housebreak your dog using puppy pads. Both disposable or washable dog pads can work to achieve your goal. You can follow along using the step-by-step instructions or watch the video down at the bottom. 


Set up a pad someplace that is in an area away from your dog’s food or bed. setting up the puppy pad


Place your dog on the pad and give them a chance to smell and get familiar with the pad.

placing the dog on the pad



Keep an eye on your dog, and when you see signs they need to relieve themselves, guide them to the pad.


guiding them to the pad



When your dog does use the pad, make sure to use a phrase like “go potty” so your dog has a command they can associate with the action.


associating a command with the pad


Immediately after the dog eliminates, provide them with treats and praise.


praising the dog


If your dog urinates somewhere else other than the pad, bring them back to the pad and reinforce this is where they need to "go potty." As your dog becomes more comfortable using the pad you can gradually move the pad closer to the door, eventually leading them outside to complete the housebreaking process.

Check out our video to see more. In our video, we use the Paw Inspired® Washable Dog Pads. These washable pads are super absorbent and leakproof. They are also reusable, helping you save money over using disposable pads.

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