Sizing | Reversible Critter Box

Our cage liners are designed to fit C&C and MidWest cages but can be used for other cage types as well. Learn how to extend the Critter Box here.
• C&C 2x3 size measures 27"x41" (69x104 cm)
• C&C 2x4 size measures 27"x56" (69x142 cm)
• C&C 2x5 size measures 27"x71" (69x180 cm)
• MidWest* size measures 24"x47" (61x119 cm)

    Check out our sizing chart below, and if you have any questions, please email us at

    Critter Box and Cage Sizes


    *This product is not manufactured or distributed by Mid-West Metal Products Company, Inc. owner of the registered trademark MidWest Homes for Pets®.