Paw Inspired® Furr-O™ Burrowing Pet Bed


• Perfect for guinea pigs and other small animals as a soft, comfortable pet bed, burrowing toy, or hidey
• A cozy, safe environment that allows your pet to enjoy its natural instinct to burrow and dig
• A kid-friendly accessory that promotes a feeling of calm stillness for your pet, allowing for valuable cuddle time
• Comes with 2 interchangeable bottoms that zip on and off: a stretchy spandex bottom; and an absorbent fleece bottom
• Machine-washable for easy cleanup

The Furr-O™ burrowing pet bed is a super soft and fluffy hideaway that allows your guinea pig to tap into its natural instinct to root and dig. Because it provides a feeling of calmness and security for your pet, this kid-friendly accessory allows anyone, even small children, to snuggle up and play with your furry friend.

The Furr-O™ comes with two interchangeable bottoms that easily zip on and off. The flexible spandex bottom allows more freedom for your little furbaby to move, nuzzle, and stretch. The absorbent fleece bottom provides extra protection in case of accidents or messes.

These burrowing caves are easy to maintain. Once soiled, these machine-washable accessories can be thrown into the laundry or hand-washed.

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
The hideaway of the century!

Bought one for my Guinea pig that’s a loner. She stays in her Furr-O almost 24/7. So much in fact I have to make sure she’s eating and drinking. She’s just like her daddy, a homebody. Don’t hesitate and get you one today!

Marsha Gustin
Burrow bef

Loves it
Nice and soft for my piggy

Britt Mosher
My piggies love this!

My piggies love the Furr-O! I put it in their cage, they climb right in, and we have cuddle time. They also love eating some veggies while inside their Furr-O. Makes for some great pictures! I will be buying more!

Not worth it

This bed is A LOT smaller than you think it is. The zipper was also broken and I had to cut off the bottom to put the pad on. The zipper is also now sewn all the way around so there is a huge hole in it.

David Miller
Great borrow for Guinea Pigs.

This is an incredible product for Guinea Pigs. It took a week for my little guy Maverick to start using it, but now, if I don't see him I know he's in his Furr-O. He absolutely loves it, he's so comfortable and snuggled in his Furr-O, that's where he's at when he's not eating or drinking.