How To Clean and Maintain the Critter Box® Fleece Cage Liner

How To Clean and Maintain the Critter Box® Fleece Cage Liner

How To Clean and Maintain the Critter Box® Fleece Cage Liner

A Guide to Washing Your Critter Box®

Guinea Pig in Paw Inspired Critter Box

As guinea pig parents, we want to provide our piggies with a safe, comfortable, and hygienic living space. A clean and well-maintained habitat is crucial for your pet's health and happiness. Using a Paw Inspired® Critter Box® cage liner with raised sides in your guinea pigs' home can make cleaning your cage setup quick and convenient since the walled sides prevent messes from falling through the sides or underneath the liner, and the Sweep-EZ non-stick velvet fleece makes it easy to toss out hay, poop, and anything else lying on top of the liner. Cleaning the Critter Box® itself is also super easy. Here, we'll show you how to keep your pet's Critter Box® in top condition. 

Spot Cleaning: 

As you are aware, guinea pigs can be quite messy, and liners can quickly fill up with poo and other waste. Spot cleaning is a fast and easy way to keep your pet's living space tidy between washes. There are two simple methods you can use:

Option 1: Use a broom and dustpan to sweep up any hay or messes.

Option 2: Remove the liner, fold it over a garbage can, and dispose of any waste or debris.

It's recommended to perform spot cleaning once or twice daily to keep the Critter Box® fresh and clean. 

Washing the Liner: 

Over time, urine and other liquids absorb into the liner, which may result in stains and odors, so at least once per week, you'll need to deep-clean the liner to remove any dirt, waste, or unpleasant smells. Fortunately, the Critter Box® is machine-washable, which makes cleanup easy and convenient. Just follow these steps: 

  1. First, spot clean. As noted above, sweep with a broom and dustpan, or fold the Critter Box® over a garbage can and shake out any waste.  
  2. Then, unbutton the Critter Box® and wash in cold water on the regular cycle. We recommend using unscented (Free & Clear) detergents and avoiding fabric softeners. 
  3. Hang the Critter Box® up to dry. (We suggest having a spare Critter Box® for these laundry days.)

It's that easy! To make things even more convenient, you can throw some different size reusable or disposable pads in the Critter Box® for extra absorbency in high-traffic areas, such as corners, under hideys, tunnels, food bowls or water bottles; these extra pads can help soak up pee, water, or other liquids, between washes.  

In conclusion, maintaining a clean and sanitary Critter Box® is an important part of keeping your small animal thriving in their habitat. Regular spot cleaning and washing the liner will help ensure that your pet has a safe and comfortable living space. By following these simple steps, you can keep your pet's Critter Box® in the best condition possible, which helps make life for you and your piggies happy and healthy.

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