How to Choose the Right Size and Put on a Disposable Dog Diaper

How to Choose the Right Size and Put on a Disposable Dog Diaper

How to Choose the Right Size and Put on a Disposable Dog Diaper


If you have a dog with incontinence or one that is in heat, it's important to have a comfortable and effective solution for managing their hygiene. One option is to use disposable dog diapers. Here, we will guide you through the process of choosing the right size and putting on a disposable dog diaper.


Step 1: Measure Your Dog

To find the most suitable size diaper, you need to determine the "fit point" or the area where the diaper's waistband will rest and cover all essential areas. Use a tape measure to wrap around the dog's belly at the fit point and mark down the waist size. Then, measure the diaper length by starting at the top of the fit point and measuring down to the bottom of the fit point.


Step 2: Check the Sizing Chart

With the measurements, you can now check the sizing chart. Look at the waist size and see which sizes would best fit your dog. Then, look at the diaper length and make sure that it's equal to or greater than the length you measured for your dog. Choose the size that fits both the waist size and diaper length.



Step 3: Putting on the Diaper

Once you have the right size, it's time to put on the diaper. To do so, position the fasteners down with the absorbent pad facing the dog. Slip the hole of the diaper over the dog's tail and then position it between the back legs and snugly against the underbelly. Finally, secure the fasteners to the waistband.



Step 4: Reward Your Dog

It's important to make the experience positive for your dog. Praise them and give them a treat to create a positive association with wearing a disposable dog diaper.




Putting on a disposable dog diaper can be a straightforward process if you have the right measurements and follow these steps. With the right size and a positive experience, your dog can be comfortable and well-cared for.