excitable urination in puppies: signs, training, solutions, and managment

Excitable Urination: My Puppy Pees When Excited!

Signs and Solutions for Your Pet's Excitable Urination

Excitable urination is when your dog often pees when excited during greetings, play, or other stimulating events. Don’t worry, it is quite common and normal. Although it is usually nothing to worry about, your first step still should be to see a vet to assure there are no underlying health issues that are leading to inappropriate elimination. Once you know all is ok, it's time to learn more about the issue and how to cope with the situation.

Signs of Excitable Urination

If your dog has accidents during situations similar to below, then it is likely you are dealing with excitable urination.




• When being greeted


• Other non-stressful stimulating situations


    If urination occurs during stressful or dominant environments, it is not considered excitable urination and you will need to follow guidelines for submissive urination.

    Training & Solutions:


    • Do not scold your dog for excitable urination; only use positive reinforcement training

    • Take your dog outside for a potty break before playing

    • When returning home calmly approach your dog to lower excitement levels

    • If touch is a trigger, use a toy as a barrier between you and your dog

    • Don’t worry, most dogs outgrow peeing when excited after reaching one year of age.


      Ending excitable urination can take time. The good news is there are some helpful products to keep your home clean during this temporary training time.

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