Disposable Vs. Washable

Disposable Vs. Washable

Disposable Vs. Washable


Since there are clear advantages of both disposable and washable diapers, it is important to determine which advantages are most important to you and make your purchase decision accordingly.




Environmental Impact:


Many pet parents are interested to understand which is safer for the environment. In general, anytime you are able to reuse something it will be better for the environment - although it is not that simple. Yes, washable diapers can be reused, but they do use more electricity and water to maintain.


Disposable diapers have limited reusability, but their main component is paper pulp. If eco-impact is an important factor in your purchasing decision, then check with the disposable dog diaper brand to make sure their paper pulp is purchased from sustainable and renewable sources. If so, then disposables and washables will be more comparable in regards to environmental impact.




Length of Pet’s Condition:  


If your dog has a temporary ailment and needs to wear diapers for the short term, then using disposables will likely be your best choice. You can quickly change them and apply a new clean diaper to help keep the area clean, safe, and dry. However, if you think your dog will need them for an extended period of time then the factors below should be taken into consideration.






Due to their disposable nature, where soiled diapers are thrown away and replaced with a totally new diaper, disposables tend to be considered more hygienic. Washables can still be very clean, but cleanliness relies completely on the pet parent’s ability and commitment to always change the diapers and clean them well before reusing.  






If you do not like the idea of having soiled pet products added to your washing machine, disposable diapers will be a more suitable solution for you.


If you don’t mind adding your pet’s laundry into your machine, or if you have a separate machine for your pet’s laundry then washables could be a good option for you. Most pet parents keep at least two sets of washable diapers, so when they wash a set, they have another spare set their pet can use. Many also utilize wash bags that can help limit pet hair from getting into your washing machine.






Keeping dog diapers on your dog can be a challenge due to the plethora of dog sizes, shapes, and their individual personalities. With some dogs when you put them in a diaper they carry on as usual not minding it one bit, but with others they suddenly turn into professional escape artists!


For those with “Houdini dogs” as we lovingly refer to them as, in general washable diapers (especially coupled with suspenders) will be the most reliable fit. If you prefer disposables, do not be afraid to try these first to see if your dog can wear them securely. However, if you have trouble you will need to look into adding suspenders or even a washable diaper/cover on top of the disposables for added security.



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If your dog has a particular ailment that causes excess urination then performance will likely be your most important factor. In general, since high quality disposable diapers add Super Absorbent Polymers (SAP) inside their diapers they will absorb more and dry faster.


If your dog is in season, has dribbling, excitable urination, or other conditions where a high absorbent capacity is not needed then both washables and disposables will be completely adequate.






In general, over the long term washable diapers will be cheaper. Although, you do need to factor in your water and electricity used to wash the diapers. Please do consider the most important thing to factor into the cost is your valuable time spent maintaining the diapers.  






Every pet parent will need to make the best decision based on their individual circumstances. But one factor all pet parents have in common is our limited time. We must all remember that time is our most precious resource. If we can choose a product that can save some extra time in our lives so more special moments can be made with our loved ones, then we would humbly suggest that product to be your winner.

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