Paw Inspired® Critter Box® Washable Guinea Pig Cage Liner with Raised Sides


• Raised sides assure messes stay contained
• This absorbent liner has a waterproof bottom to prevent leaks
• Dust-free velvet fleece provides a safe and comfortable environment for your small animal
• Machine-washable
• When ready to change, simply shake out or sweep the liner and throw it in the wash

No more scrubbing dirty cage corners and bottoms! The Critter Box® Washable Cage Liner with Raised Sides makes cage maintenance and cleanup much more convenient. The walled sides of the Critter Box® creates a barrier that keeps all messes contained on top of the liner. You won’t have to worry about messes escaping through the sides or underneath your liner anymore. The liner is super absorbent and has a waterproof bottom to prevent leaks. And with Sweep-EZ™ material, hay and debris can be swept up or shaken out of the liner with ease. When soiled and ready to change, simply throw the liner in the wash to clean it. (We recommend keeping an extra liner or two on hand to switch between washes.)

You and your small animal will love the Critter Box®. Not only does it make cleanup easier for you, it’s also made of dust-free velvet fleece so your pet will stay comfortable and safe within its home. Not only great for guinea pigs, the Critter Box® can also be used for ferrets, rabbits, rats, bunnies, hamsters, dogs, hedgehogs, chinchillas, birds, and other small animals. The Critter Box® liner fits perfectly in most top-selling guinea pig and small animal cages and habitats. Our current sizes are designed for the C&C coroplast 2x3, 2x4, and 2x5 cages, as well as MidWest cages.

Our cage liners are designed to fit C&C and MidWest cages but can be used for other cage types as well.
  • C&C 2x3 size measures 27"x41" (69x104 cm)
  • C&C 2x4 size measures 27"x56" (69x142 cm)
  • C&C 2x5 size measures 27"x71" (69x180 cm)
  • MidWest* size measures 24"x47" (61x119 cm)

*This product is not manufactured or distributed by Mid-West Metal Products Company, Inc. owner of the registered trademark MidWest Homes for Pets®.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Lisa Billick

I have bought all of the sizes for my piggies because I have some in C & C cages and in the Midwest cages all products are AMAZING! I've even bought some for my grown kids piggies for their homes. We are a guinea pig family and these products are the best! So EASY to clean, absorbent, and extra cushiony for our fur babies feet! I'm a forever customer!

David Mamie

We bought three of these 13 months ago for our Guinea pig cage. The concept we really like and easy to clean. They really only lasted one year. They shrank and got really hard in several areas. The Guinea pigs also chewed on them and the sides came apart. We will continue to buy knowing we will be replacing them every year or so.

The best cage liner

I love how this soaks up liquid and is so easy to sweep. I purchased a second, so I always have one clean.

Orla Mc Mahon
Fantastic 🌸🌸

I am v 😀pleased with all I got off ye. My 4 girls Guinea pigs 🐷 r also v happy they will b v comfortable and dry & warm all winter long thanx to inspired. I am so glad I came across yer website as I had been using Critter boxes I got Frm Amazon but d popcorn liners along with d critter box is spot on. There r some beautiful colours which I luv all of them & super absorbent and way healthier 4 my girls and easy to sweep and clean. I have to Guinea habitat plus joined together in an L-shape so critter boxes and cage liners r perfect they make a beautiful atmosphere 4 Guinea pigs to sleep and enjoy. I have my Guinea pigs spoiled rotten of course but they r my babies.🌸🌸

Peichen Zhong

That’s the best liner I have ever used.